Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Leavenworth Weddings

Weddings for 2010 are still being booked. A growing trend this year has been “last minute” bookings instead of venue reservations being nine months to a year out, we are seeing several weddings only five or six months out. Is this a growing trend or is this just for 2010?

It is to early to say for sure, however wedding reservations for 2011 are on the increase with at least a year before the wedding date. Last minute weddings are not uncommon but only account for a small percentage of wedding reservations. The percentage for last minute weddings have increased but only slightly.

There is a growing percentage of weddings being booked longer in advance. Instead of the once common nine to twelve month advance reservations, there is a tread to make reservations eleven to fourteen months in advance.

Another growing trend is destination weddings and this could be one reason for the longer advanced reservations. Three day holiday weekends have become very popular for destination weddings. The location of weddings trend is also changing and becoming more apparent over the last few years. Destination wedding locations are closer to home compared to a few years ago.

Although destination weddings overseas are still a trend, the trend for destination weddings closer to home are on the increase. More family and friends are able to attend, less stress on the bride and groom and more of “knowing what your getting” compared to going overseas.

Finding your wedding venue is the perfect starting point.  From there you will find it easier to find your wedding photographer, DJ and make accommodations for your wedding guests. Your wedding venue maybe able to play an important role in assisting you to find other vendors, accommodations and even activities for your wedding party and guests.

Don’t rush out and just book your venue, make sure you are comfortable and happy with the people you will be working with to put together your weddings. Shop around, relax, don’t stress and remember this is meant to be one of the happiest days of your life.

“Featherwinds where memories are made and life is celebrated”

Warm wishes.