Monday, November 02, 2009

Leavenworth Weddings, Choosing Location Part III

A destination wedding is exactly that, a destination away from your normal routine of life where you are having your wedding. A destination wedding does not have to take place in Hawaii, Virgin Islands, or Bahamas.

Your destination wedding could be somewhere in your home state. Keep in mind, you may be familiar with the area you are having your wedding, but you do not KNOW the area. Listen closely to the suggestions being made to you by the wedding location.

Lodging will be a concern for your destination wedding. If the wedding location says the area books up fast because of a festival or seasonal event, you should listen and secure your lodging ASAP. For your guests that will be traveling long distance and plan on staying the night in the area, they should be told to book their lodging ASAP.

A lot of destination locations have a minimum lodging requirement, whether it refers to number of guests or number of nights, make sure you know what they are before you book your wedding.

Your wedding location should be able to help you with your lodging needs. If your destination location can not accommodate all of your wedding guests, they should be able to provide you will some information for additional lodging.

Traditionally it was the brides and grooms parents that were responsible for ALL lodging costs for a destination wedding. This does not necessarily hold true today. With everyone’s lodging preferences being different, wedding guests normally cover their own lodging expenses. However a lot of time, the parents do cover a portion of the wedding parties lodging.


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