Monday, October 12, 2009

Weddings, Going Green

Recent wedding traditions have started to change. Weddings are “going green”. The concern for the environment does not stop at just fuel efficient vehicles, reducing the amount of electricity used or saving a tree. New wedding traditions are being started or re-shaped to fit the needs and desires of brides and grooms to be environmentally friendly.

Traditional throwing of rice: A new tradition is to throw bird seed. The seed that is left on the ground will feed the birds and not harm them as does rice. Left over bird seed is also bio-degradable more so than the rice. Another idea is to throw or cover the “escape” route of the newly weds with fresh (not silk) rose pedals. This is a very elegant look and the rose pedals are bio-degradable. Throwing rose pedals in front of the newly weds is recommended instead of throwing the pedals at the newly weds.

Traditional decorating the newly wed’s vehicle: Tying aluminum cans to the newly wed’s car is out. Recycle the cans, don’t litter. Instead decorate the car in recycled, bio-degradable tissue paper. This still creates a littering issue, but at least the paper is environmentally safe. Covering the windows with shaving cream, that’s out too. Use bio-degradable soap, it washes off easily and won’t harm the environment.

Traditional wedding party favors: Give seedling trees, you can order the trees online (Google “seedling trees”). There are several companies that sell seedling trees for about $1.50-$2.00 including shipping. You can even plant a seedling in a pot as part of your ceremony similar to the sand or candle lighting ceremony. Just remember to water the seedling growing it in the pot. For your one year anniversary, plant the tree outside at your home or in your community.

Remember, if you are having an outside wedding, use natural items such as fresh rose pedals (instead of a runner), hanging baskets with fresh flowers (instead of silk). If you are going to use silk flowers for a particular look (adding fall colors to a gazebo) make sure the silks are something you would want to use around your house for decorations. Garland leafs of fall colors are perfect to reuse for holiday decorations.

These are just a few ideas to make your wedding “green”.

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