Friday, October 09, 2009

Wedding Traditions

There are many wedding traditions; some stem from religious beliefs, superstitions, family desires and cultural influences. Many of these traditions are changing; either lost and forgotten (not liked or the “in thing”) or changing as our world and environment requires or needs.

One of these traditions is to be married during the month of June. While some bride and grooms still desire and hold this tradition, it seems to have faded away. Yes, we still do weddings in June, but over time we have seen a drastic change and now every month is just as popular as June. Fall weddings Sept. – Oct., winter weddings Nov. – March, spring weddings April – May, and of course summer weddings June – August.

It seems brides and grooms are choosing their wedding date according to: their favorite season, a significant or memorable date or a date that is convenient to friends and families to gather for the celebration.

There is nothing wrong with step out of tradition as far as when you get married, the theme of your wedding or how you dress for your wedding. After all, it’s your wedding and you are getting married.

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