Friday, October 30, 2009

Leavenworth Weddings, Choosing Location Part II

You need to be very up front with yourself and the wedding venue. If there is an idea for your wedding that is an absolute must, tell the venue. Find out if they allow you to do what it is that is so very important for your wedding day.

Keep in mind, if a wedding venue says they don’t allow something you were thinking of doing or having at your wedding or reception, ask if they can make an exception. If the venue says “no”, then no is the answer. Now it’s up to you, just how important is that something? If your wedding hinges on being able to do what you were told no to, then move to another venue. Do this BEFORE you book your wedding at the particular venue. Don’t agree to not doing that “something” that is so important and then try to convince the venue at a later time to allow you to do it. If you are told no, it won’t make a difference just because you decided to book at that location.

If it says no in the contract, no means no. If you didn’t read the contract, it’s your fault; not the wedding venue’s fault. Don’t take it out on the wedding venue. If that “something” is so important to you, then you should consider cancelling your wedding and moving it to another location. Be careful before doing this. First, you may loose a deposit; second, the new location may not be able to do as much for you as the first location. So, you have to ask yourself, how important is it to your wedding? Maybe the first location can do something that is similar that would work just fine.

This is were attitudes come into play. No means no. There have been a lot of brides that have booked at a location after being told no to “something”, later tried to convince the venue otherwise, have gotten mad because the venue didn’t give in, then take it out on the venue saying it’s the venue’s fault. Hence, bad comments (and lies) are posted all over the internet.


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