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Wedding Cost Saving Tip


Remember, you do not have to serve alcohol at your wedding reception. However, if you decide not to serve alcohol, you may want to get sparkling cider for your traditional toast. On the other hand if you are going to be serving alcohol at your reception, here are a few tips and hints to be cost effective.

Look for a wedding location that allows you to bring in your own alcohol. If you choose to bring in your own alcohol, you will have to purchase a banquet permit from the state. You can purchase your permit at any liquor store for about ten dollars. Taking care of your own alcohol can be a very big money saver.

First, you pick the types and brands of alcohol you prefer. Second, you purchase the quantity of alcohol you want, although it is wise to use the recommendations of the liquor store. Try to stay away from getting kegs. A lot of places don’t allow kegs. Kegs also tend to encourage over consumption of alcohol. Third, you may want to check the “big box stores” for purchasing your beer and wines. Some of the stores allow you to return any unopened cases. You should also ask at your local liquor store about their return police. If you are planning on hard alcohol, bring the garish with you. Garish like lemons, salt and shaker, limes, oranges, etc. The garish is something that is a personal preference and you would have a better idea as to how much garish you need.

Be sure to bring a cutting board and knife. Yes the place you are having your reception at may have those things, but they may not have time to get them when you need them if it is not pre-arranged. Do not assume the place you are holding your wedding/reception at will have all the extras that you should bring. Remember venues have to follow rules and guidelines set in place by the state, county, health department, liquor control board and insurance companies.

Put someone in charge of the alcohol. There is no reason why the bride or groom should have to worry about the drinks. Make sure the person in charge of bringing and removing the alcohol is aware of any rules or regulations the facility and state have. When your allotted time is up, make sure no open containers leave the reception area. Normally this is a rule, but it also helps protect you. If open containers are removed, that person may set the now empty container outside somewhere. You could incur an extra charge for grounds clean up. If one empty container is found; extra staff could be sent out to search all of the grounds for empty containers. This could be very costly. Remember, you are responsible for any damage or extra clean up required after your function. This is normal for any place you book.

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