Thursday, August 21, 2008

Leavenworth Weddings

Recently I was asked, " What is the most memorable part of the wedding?" The verdict is still out on that, but everyone agrees at least to the top four or so. Here they are but not in any order.

1. The Bride's Dress. Most people remember the Bride was wearing a beautiful dress, but they don't remember what it looked like. So, was it really a beautiful dress, or do they just think it was, because the dress is suppose to be pretty?

2. The Food. No matter what time of day your wedding is, when it comes time for foods at the reception, people will remember. Let's break this down a little further.

  • The Wedding Cake. People do remember the cake. What it looked like, well sometimes, but there should be a lot of pictures of the cake if the photographer was doing their job. Plus people remember what the cake tastes like. Maybe not the flavor or flavors of the cake, but they will remember how good it tasted. And they will talk about it for a long time. And don't forget, the amount of cake. People will sometimes want a few pieces of cake if it is served as a normal bakery cut wedding cake, which is only a 1" by 2" square. The really good places will not only steer you away from a rolled fondant cake (uck!!), but they will also explain the over all size cake but also the size servings.
  • The Main Course. It's not only the flavor people remember. They also remember the AMOUNT of food. Sometimes more so than the actually flavor or types of food served. They will always remember whether or not there was enough food to fill them. Presentation of the foods is also very important. IF you want a elegant wedding, it doesn't stop at the ceremony. The presentation of the foods MUST be classy, not just laid out in pots and pans on a table. Displaying the foods should look pretty. Remember, everything about a wedding should look pretty, people remember "it was pretty".

3. The Music. The music should match the age group of the wedding guests. Not hard, loud rock dancing music. The type of music should be a wide range of dancing music as well as music you just want to sit and listen too. Don't be naive, not everyone will dance. Even though you might think, wish, or hope everyone will dance, they won't. This is suppose to be a good time for everyone. The volume of music is also important. Don't rock the house. Music doesn't have to be loud for everyone to enjoy the dancing.

4. Flowers. Again, it adds to the beauty of the wedding. Plus, flowers are in every picture and flowers help blend the colors or highlight colors of your wedding. Spend a little for nice flower arrangements on the tables, around the alter, unity table and where the foods are. Flowers add color every where so things don't look drab. You don't have to go with expensive flowers in all the arrangements to make things look beautiful.

Remember, the wedding and reception are a direct reflection on you, the bride and groom.

Next we will discuss Wedding and Event Coordinators. Truly a must and I don't mean your best friend. I mean a professional Wedding Coordinator.