Sunday, March 30, 2008

Leavenworth Weddings Know Your Budget

Wedding Budget

H&S: Know your wedding budget. Don't waste your time looking at or for vendors if you don't even know if you can afford their services. You can disappoint yourself, other vendors won't measure up because you like the out of reach vendor so much. IF the vendor is to costly, move on! Don't fool yourself or others. Don't think they will drop their price just because they don't fit into your budget. And don't bury yourself in debit just to get married!!

Be honest with yourself and with your vendors.

Friday, March 28, 2008

Wedding Hints, Do's and Don'ts

After receiving several requests, we will be posting some basic do's and don'ts for preparing for your wedding. Hints and suggestions will be posted with every blog post.

H&S of the day: When visiting a potential vendor, DO NOT bring children with you. The children, no matter how well behaved, are a distraction. Allow only necessary participants to join you, bride and groom, parents, wedding coordinator.