Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Leavenworth Destination Weddings

Featherwinds is designed for destination weddings, events and retreats in addition to day weddings, over night accommodations, weekend get-aways, vacation home rentals, cabins and lodge rental.
The Featherwinds complex consists of: The Bed and Breakfast Guest Inn, The Country Cottage (sleeps 20), The Berry Bunk House (sleeps 20), Garden Guest Lodge (sleeps 16) and The Frontier Cabin (sleeps 7), all on 23.5 acres and within walking distance of each facility.
Each of our cabins, lodges and vacation rentals are fully furnished homes, including sheets, blankets and linens, refridgerator, stove and an outdoor hot tub.
Located in the Upper Leavenworth, Lake Wenatchee, Fish Lake Recreation Area. This is where most outdoor activities take place; yet we are only about 15 miles from downtown Leavenworth.
Depending upon the season or event, we are often booked out a year in advance. To learn more about Featherwinds Lodging and Wedding Destination visit our website at:
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Monday, July 12, 2010

Weddings – 2010 and 2011

Here are Featherwinds Lodging and Weddings we have noticed a trend of “last minute” weddings. We have only a few weekends available for 2010 fall weddings. If your wedding date is important to you, please consider securing your wedding date now. If you are interested in having a fall wedding but the actual wedding date is not important, you should still consider securing your date; we are still receiving inquiries for the fall and early winter of 2010.

We have also booked several weddings for the 2011 year. Every month appears to be of interest to everyone instead of the long ago traditional June wedding month. August and September seem to be of great interest for most of our inquires. If you are considering getting married in August or September 2011 you may want to consider making an appointment to speak with our wedding and event coordinators and then booking for your wedding if Featherwinds is agreeable to you.

Featherwinds has been providing wedding services for over twenty – one years. Most of our wedding packages include: wedding and event coordinators, set up of tables and chairs, linens and clean up. And the packages include: your wedding cake! We also offer additional services such as catering and floral for your wedding and events.

For more information visit:

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Saturday, June 19, 2010

2010 Wedding Dates

Although 2010 appears to be a busy wedding year as in the past, we do have a few weekends available for last minute weddings. These weekends are fill, so if you are thinking of getting married this summer or early fall, be sure to book as soon as possible.

Remember, once you book your wedding venue, everything else comes into place especially here at Featherwinds. We offer floral services with 2 on site florists and assistants, on site catering, wedding and event coordinators and each of our wedding packages include a wedding cake!

Featherwinds wedding grounds are designed with photo ops in mind with nature’s beauty enhanced with features that are natural to the area with the addition of our Secret Garden.

Our Secret Garden is filled with sever different rose bushes, ground cover and many other plants with a water fountain for added photos. Our Wedding Gazebo is large enough for the wedding party as well as room for a candle ceremony. Our Wedding Gazebo sits beside a beautiful natural looking waterfall that appears to be coming from out of the forest surrounding our wedding grounds.

Featherwinds offers wedding and event tours by appointment only. Please visit our “ Wedding Page “ for more details. Or click on the link below: 

If you have any questions please email:

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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Leavenworth Weddings

Weddings for 2010 are still being booked. A growing trend this year has been “last minute” bookings instead of venue reservations being nine months to a year out, we are seeing several weddings only five or six months out. Is this a growing trend or is this just for 2010?

It is to early to say for sure, however wedding reservations for 2011 are on the increase with at least a year before the wedding date. Last minute weddings are not uncommon but only account for a small percentage of wedding reservations. The percentage for last minute weddings have increased but only slightly.

There is a growing percentage of weddings being booked longer in advance. Instead of the once common nine to twelve month advance reservations, there is a tread to make reservations eleven to fourteen months in advance.

Another growing trend is destination weddings and this could be one reason for the longer advanced reservations. Three day holiday weekends have become very popular for destination weddings. The location of weddings trend is also changing and becoming more apparent over the last few years. Destination wedding locations are closer to home compared to a few years ago.

Although destination weddings overseas are still a trend, the trend for destination weddings closer to home are on the increase. More family and friends are able to attend, less stress on the bride and groom and more of “knowing what your getting” compared to going overseas.

Finding your wedding venue is the perfect starting point.  From there you will find it easier to find your wedding photographer, DJ and make accommodations for your wedding guests. Your wedding venue maybe able to play an important role in assisting you to find other vendors, accommodations and even activities for your wedding party and guests.

Don’t rush out and just book your venue, make sure you are comfortable and happy with the people you will be working with to put together your weddings. Shop around, relax, don’t stress and remember this is meant to be one of the happiest days of your life.

“Featherwinds where memories are made and life is celebrated”

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Sunday, March 14, 2010

Leavenworth Weddings at Featherwinds

Traditionally June has been considered the wedding month, however over the years that has changed. This year August and September have been the most popular months for weddings. If you are considering getting married in August or September, you should consider securing your venue now.  Weekends for both of these months are booking quickly with only a weekend or two available in each month.

Featherwinds has become well known for destination and day weddings in the Leavenworth Upper Valley. Our packages include tables, linens, set up and clean up, and your wedding cake. For more details regarding our packages visit the links below.

Destination Weddings and Day Use Weddings

All weddings at Featherwinds Lodging are Private Weddings. We do only one wedding at a time, devoting our time to you and your guests. Here at Featherwinds, we do not just rent you a room, we have Wedding Planners and Event Coordinators to assist you, certified Florists and catering staff available to help meet your needs and dreams for your special day.

Featherwinds offers indoor and outdoor weddings and a 2,200 square foot “Sunroom” for your reception and dining. Our wedding grounds are designed for outdoor weddings providing several backdrops for wedding photos and beautiful wedding ceremonies. Our wedding grounds feature a wedding gazebo, wedding arbor, waterfall and our “Secret Rose Garden” with water feature.

Featherwinds Lodging is a Destination Wedding Resort as well as providing over night accommodations and retreats. Our facility has 5 buildings on 23 acres consisting of 2 bed and breakfasts: the original Bed and Breakfast and the new B & B style Guest Inn. Our other 3 facilities are cabins – lodges which are fully furnished homes can sleep from 4 to 20 guests depending on your needs.

You can view us online at and our lodging at

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Thursday, January 28, 2010

Leavenworth Weddings 2010

Leavenworth wedding for 2010 and early 2011 are being booked. Spring, summer, fall and winter are booking fast. If your date is important, you need to book soon.

August is starting out to be a popular month for weddings this year. If you are thinking of an August wedding you need to book and reserve your date now. June is no longer considered the “wedding month”. Yes, June is still a popular month, but August seems to be very popular for 2010.

Here at Featherwinds we do weddings every month of the year, we are not a seasonal, spring through fall wedding location. We are designed for destination weddings as well as day use weddings and we have packages for either type of wedding.

Our wedding planners and event coordinators listen to you and assist you in designing your special day or weekend. From the early planning stages to saying good night to your guests, our coordinators are there for you. If it is important to you, it is important to us.

Featherwinds offers indoor or outdoor weddings, wedding planners and coordinators, floral services by our own certified florists, catering and decorating services.

Where memories are made and life is celebrated!

Featherwinds Leavenworth Weddings

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Monday, January 11, 2010

Weddings 2010 and 2011

Wedding dates for 2010 and 2011 are booking rapidly. If you are considering to have your wedding at Featherwinds Lodging, you should check the availability of your planned wedding date.

Featherwinds offers tours by appointment only. However your appointment will also include sitting down with our wedding coordinators – planners.

Our wedding coordinators will guide you through Featherwinds wedding grounds (outdoors), reception and ceremony room and a peek at the bridal – honeymoon suite. We will discuss your dreams and ideas regarding your wedding and help match our capabilities with your dreams. Our wedding coordinators will offer examples of traditional wedding procedures, past wedding procedures and listen to how you want your wedding day  to proceed.

Featherwinds offers lodging for destination weddings and large wedding grounds and facility for day weddings and destination weddings.

Featherwinds offers additional on-site services such as catering and floral (two on-site certified florists). All of Featherwinds wedding packages include set, clean up and your wedding cake.

Call or email our wedding coordinators for an appointment.

Toll free – 1-866-319-4637

Email –

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